Green Opal

Green Opal-  A stone to open the heart and help you feel the love in your heart.  It could also be used to handle other emotions of the heart, so you could be better in touch with what is in your heart. It is an excellent mineral to help improve and attune your short-term and long-term memory, so you can select what to keep and what to release. 

It can also help with forgetfulness and concentration when needed.  It could also be used to spot fine detail that could otherwise be missed. It is great to help alleviate the feeling of isolation, allowing you to remember we are all connected at some level and never really alone. This mineral could help you better understand hidden or confusing parts of the self that hold you back or keep you from feeling whole. It is a good mineral for letting go and feeling good about yourself. It clears negativity from the environment and could be used for better self-expression and communication. It can be used as a dream stone and help induce deeper brain wave states where astral travel and psychic visions are communicated.