Hemimorphite  - This predominately blue and white stone, is very effective in crystal healing and linked closely with the throat chakra. It’s a great stone to help with transition and releasing old attachments and relationships. If you are ready to let something go and it’s not serving you anymore and you are fully ready to move on, this is the stone for you. That can happen with regards to people, ideas, situations, and habits. Those all fall into the category of needing to cut the cord, sever the relationship, cut the cord, let it go, and move on. Hemimorphite acts as a door that you can walk through and say, “I’m having a new beginning here, I’ve settled with that part of my life, and it no longer severs me.”. This stone gives you the opportunity for a new beginning, a chance to reinvent yourself and release any old identities.

This stone is perfect during times of healing and defusing anger.  It helps one to be less self-centered and more in tune with love and compassion. It is a great stone to release the ego and understand the conflict caused by the ego. It provides the understanding that ego is encouraged by insecurity and very deep soul levels.  It is a great stone to help one relax, release nervousness and go with the flow.  It can help with self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect.  It can help you to truly know yourself, let go of old attachments, and reach your highest potential. Lastly, it can be used to provide support for dieting, body maintenance, shaping and agility.