Ametrine - Tumbled
Ametrine - Tumbled
Ametrine - Tumbled
Ametrine - Tumbled

Ametrine - Tumbled

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Amethyst is an essential stone for anyone on a spiritual path looking to open their intuitive and healing capabilities. A stone for the Crown Chakra, Amethyst is excellent for meditation, and it aids psychic development and the re-alignment of the subtle bodies.

A precious mineral, Amethyst, occurs when manganese is present in clear Quartz. The color ranges from light to dark purple depending on its geographic origin and whether other trace minerals such as iron are present. It grows in many different formations.

It is commonly known as a protective stone, especially for spiritual and psychic protection. It clears negative, static, and dysfunctional energies from both the aura and physical body. Amethyst is calming for the mind and the emotions and helps promote calm, tranquility, and relaxation within the Self.

Amethyst is known to aid in decision-making, intellectual reasoning, and focus. It brings insight and common sense, promoting flexibility and the release of rigid thoughts. This is also an effective stone for someone trying to get over a former lover or painful relationship, and it can help release the ‘need’ for or cord to that outside person.

Citrine is very cleansing, promoting truthfulness and positivity. Citrine is a stone that brings personal power, manifestation, and abundance. Also brings and raises one's energy levels.

Citrine never needs cleansing and dispels negativity in your environment. It can also clean the chakras, particularly the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. It helps to clear and align the subtle bodies and clear the aura.

Citrine is a stone of manifestation and abundance and attracts wealth, prosperity, and success. It raises self-esteem and self-confidence and provides emotional balance. It helps to illuminate the dark areas of the self and provide self-acceptance and joy. It can be used to clarify problems that exist between intellect and emotions. It can be used to dispel anger, stabilize emotions and encourage a positive outlook on life.  It is good for digestive disorders and to purify the blood. 

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