Iolite- A great third eye stone. It is good to use during healing, guided meditations, and astral travel. It helps you to connect to your intuition in a gentle but inspiring way. It soothes tense nerves and calms the brain waves.

It provides insight and can also be used to strengthen the mind and intellect. It is a stone of consciousness and is suitable for anyone on the path to developing their conscious awareness. It is a stone of personal development and ideal for cultivating integrity. Iolite helps one change “painlessly,” change being towards spiritual growth. It produces an electric charge when in contact with one’s auric field.

Iolite helps balance aspects of the character to bring harmony within oneself and eliminate dissonance and relationship disruption. It performs well for eliminating debt, enhancing precision within one’s life, and facilitating accepting responsibility. It helps one understand the acceptance of responsibility when it comes to endeavors and money management.