Iolite and Sunstone

Iolite – also known as Cordierite, this stone is for shamanic journeying and healing of old wounds. It is called the “violet stone” for its beautiful blue-violet color and energy, which opens one to brilliant visions and communication with the spirit realm. It allows for progression in this world and the next. Iolite calls upon one’s deep psyche to discover hidden symbols and inner treasures, helping to uncover lost parts of the self. Exploring old wounds and suppressed experiences is a direct path to true healing. Venturing into the depths of the unconscious might sound intimidating, but Iolite helps dissolve this fear of the unknown. This stone directs one toward spiritual evolution by stimulating change painlessly and is regarded by shamans as a powerful medicine for this reason. It produces an electrical charge when touching one’s auric field, which can be used to strengthen and align the subtle bodies. Iolite has also been used to provide one with knowledge of directions, acting as a compass. For one’s character, this mineral brings harmony to disruption and balance to the male/female aspects. It is useful for eliminating debt and facilitates the acceptance of responsibility for one’s excellence within money management and other endeavors. Iolite is also believed to provide the user with a nature that defies physical disorders. It protects and improves the liver, lessens fatty deposits, and helps rid the body of toxins. Peculiarly, Iolite has been known to allow one to drink alcohol without feeling any effects. 


Sunstone – connects you with the powerful and healing energy of the sun. It is a stone of true happiness and warmth that clears, energizes, and brightens the chakras. Sunstone brings joy to the user and enables this joy to spread, illuminating any dark space. It alleviates stress and fearfulness while gently removing any chords attached to the auric field, returning this unwanted energy to a rightful source after providing it with love and positive energy. Those who desire independence and originality will find solace and renewed vitality with sunstone. For those fortunate enough to carry it, abundance and vigor will follow close behind. Leadership capabilities are heightened as Sunstone works to melt inner feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt. Sunstone teaches leadership as the act of being in service to others rather than expecting others to be in service to oneself. In ancient Greece, this stone was thought to represent the sun god Helios and was believed to possess abilities like counteracting poison. In ancient India, sunstone was also believed to protect one from destructive forces in other realms. In the body, it is helpful when treating sore throats and has been used to relieve stomach ulcers. Athletes with cartilage problems may also find relief with sunstone. In many ancient practices, physical contact with a large specimen was believed to treat aching feet and spinal problems.