Lepidolite Collection Healing Stones

Lepidolite is part of the mica family, specifically lithium, and is a stone to assist the mind in many ways.  If you suffer from chronic over-thinking this is the stone for you.  For people who have overactive brains, anxiety, mental restlessness and obsessive thoughts, carrying, wearing or sleeping with this stone is a strong step toward eliminating that tendency.  It is also an excellent stone for depression by helping to stabilize moods, reducing stress and calming nerves.  It can aid with insomnia. Its tranquil energy allows one to feel full again and gives one a sense of well-being.  It helps to balance emotions and with the release of past traumas. It assists you in dealing with the issues that arise in life, creating a space to help you manage life's stresses and stay centered in the process. Lepidolite collects and absorbs negative energies around us and creates beneficial negative ions.