Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Desert Glass Collection

Libyan Desert Glass is genuinely a solar plexus stone, and it cuts through any blockages in the solar plexus and helps you find the core issue. This includes the development of identity, self-esteem, and personal power.

If you are a person who lacks self-confidence, struggles with feeling empowered, or has trouble with issues around control this is a beautiful stone for you. This is a stone if you want to develop your identity and learn more about who you are, why you are here, and what drives you. This mineral will help you build a relationship with yourself.

Its ability to stimulate intuition can also help you observe psychically where your self-limitations exist in your consciousness. It is an excellent stone to work with conscious and unconscious self-limiting beliefs. It will help you get through any blocks you may have in manifestation, even those you cannot consciously see. And It is excellent for bringing in abundance and prosperity by helping you understand where you may be blocking its flow.

It enhances your trust and faith in your healing, letting go, and making transitions. It is beneficial in a career change, and it can help you get on the right path in life and work toward your dreams and goals. If you have trouble finding plans, it is helpful for that too. It is terrific for motivation, finding your inner wisdom, and conjuring personal power.