Nuummite  - An excellent stone for grounding and journeying simultaneously.  Nuumite is a rare stone and is the oldest living mineral being formed almost 3 billion years ago. This can be used to open, activate, and integrate all chakras while providing for grounding. It is useful for energy blockages while helping guide you to the next level of your consciousness. By using its electromagnetic energy field, it helps the transfer of energy from the etheric body to the physical body. Allows you to find grooves in your energy field so they may be smoothed over and realigned.  Nuumite has a defending quality which is excellent in preventative energy to shield you from negative energy. By carrying this stone, it acts as a shield protecting you physically, emotionally, and etherically. A great stone to meditate on the Third Eye, it promotes psychic awareness and visions.  It stimulates the intellect and the intuition and helps verbalize those thoughts. It assists in seeing behind facades, and helps you see what lies behind words and actions. Nuumite is a good stone for overall healing, helping with tissue regeneration, headaches and dispelling infection.  It has been used in energetically stimulating insulin production and recovery from Parkinson’s disease.  Also used with disorders of the brain and nervous system, and to reduce anxiety and stress.  It is excellent to help with sleep, particularly in falling asleep.  It is an essential tool for professional healers as it can help with relaying information from the client.   It does this with easy as it has stated “ I have been around so long, I have seen it all.”