Opal- All Varieties

Opal is a beautiful and energetically delicate mineral that comes in several different forms and can be classified by chemical composition or color.

The common types of opals seen in healing circles are categorized by color and the common ones are precious opals that have fire, common opals that contain no fire but come in a range of color, and glass or resin which have little to no color but are transparent. We also see Boulder opals that are so-called due to their chemical composition.

Opals are actually not classified as minerals but mineraloids due to their lack of crystalline structure. 

The energy of opal tends to be softer, delicate energy. It is permeating but not in an aggressive way; it tends to be more comforting while instilling its deep connection. This is particularly true of the common varieties, while the precious opals with “fire” or flash can have an intensity but in a reserved way.

They do contain water, which adds to their comforting connection with the emotions.