Opal- Hyalite

Opal, Hyalite- also known as Muller’s Opal

Hyalite Opal is a gift to us from mother earth, and if you learn to listen to it, your life will change. It is a globular translucent Opal that has an incredible ability to tell you precisely what you need to know and do. Hyalite Opal is one of the most psychic stones available, and it does not necessarily stimulate your psychic senses, but it will advise you on the best course of action if you are able to listen.   

It will help you change brain wave states in meditation so you can more easily connect with the aspect of the self that is intuitive. This is very often the place between sleep and awake where we become more lucid and open, and this stone can help you learn to navigate this place.   

It can also be used for scrying as it helps induce a state of connectivity with the spirit world. The benevolent spirits from all realms show themselves through the stone and convey their messages of love and guidance

 It has a protective quality as well; whether you are in grave danger or need to watch those close to you, this mineral can provide the proper warnings. It is a teacher to help us cut through the false illusions and stories we tell ourselves that limit our growth. It can help keep the mind sharp when in the throes of study, research, or planning. It has been used successfully in the finding of lost or missing persons.  

With focus, caution, and intent, it can also be used to draw very deep and old pain entrenched within the body. 

It is excellent to enhance the spiritual relationship with the self and bring forward the positive energies of spirit into the physical. It does this through inducing self-reflection, visualizations of the perfect self, and “acts to produce a splendor within one’s life that is so dazzling that it illuminates far beyond that which one can normally see.”