Opal, Menilite

Opal is a beautiful and energetically delicate mineral that comes in several different forms and can be classified by chemical composition or color. Opals are not classified as minerals but as mineraloids due to their last crystalline structure.  

The energy of opal tends to be softer, light energy. It is permeating but not in an aggressive way; it tends to be more comforting while instilling its deep connection. This is particularly true of the common varieties, while the precious opals with “fire” or flash can have intensity but in a mysterious way. They contain water, which adds to their comforting connection with the emotions.

Common attributes of all opal are an enhanced higher consciousness that helps awaken your inner vision, psychic gifts, and mystical qualities. It allows you to apply your gifts to improve the self and further your consciousness. It is known to amplify all aspects of your personality, inspiring you to awaken, develop and heal the lesser areas of the self. In this aspect, it is known for happiness in dreams and changes.

It is a highly creative stone, refreshing originality, ingenuity, and imagination in all situations. It helps to access and express your true self and is lovely to help you build your identity. It also has aspects of emotional healing, bringing unseen emotions to the surface that need to be healed. It also assists you in taking part in your recovery and owning your feelings. It can instill faithfulness and loyalty in relationships and inspires spontaneity and release of inhibitions in a positive way. Conscious direction with this stone allows you to become invisible or extremely visible when needed.