Pink Lemurian Quartz

 Pink Lemurian Quartz, Also known as Pink Colombian QuartzA stunning soft pink quartz from Columbia, mainly clusters that contain Lemurians, fadens, tabbys, cathedrals, curved, japan law twin, and the occasional dwindle. It is a master channeling mineral.

This mineral would teach you the fundamentals of how to channel. Holding it, sleeping with it, or working directly in meditation would begin to sync your vibration to a channeling frequency. Depending on your natural ability and comfort level, you could channel personal information for and about the self and soul, channel information for others, channel information about the planet, other worlds, other realms, other beings, past and future, and the total evolution of the universe.  

It is incredibly detoxifying to the energy field and could be used over some time to release long-term stress that has built up in the system. It could be used to heal from a traumatic event so you can remove all the emotional trauma to process all the factors of the event. The crystal could even be used to eventually understand the greater karma of why the events took place in the first place.  

This mineral can help you understand the bigger picture of who you are and why you are here. It can be used to access past lives and help you see what is known as the perfect self. This is not the ego-based, human idea of perfect but an integrated idea of what an enlightened soul with universal wisdom would look like.  

It could be used to form a better relationship with the divine and communicate with various deities.  

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