Pollicite, an exceptionally rare mineral primarily found in elevated altitudes, holds the moniker of being the "mineral for the immortals." Esteemed for its unique properties, this remarkable gemstone is particularly revered among healers and cherished by practitioners of Reiki for its remarkable ability to facilitate the movement of energy.

Zeolites, renowned for their purifying attributes, profound connection to the universal Source, and capacity to infuse light into their surroundings, encompass Pollucite within this exceptional category. However, Pollucite distinguishes itself by its internal focus, embarking on a transformative journey that commences with the Heart and Upper Heart regions. It kindles a clarifying radiance within the Solar Plexus, steadily progressing to envelop even the extremities, embracing fingers and toes in its revitalizing sway.

The essence of Pollucite exudes a delightful, invigorating aura that uplifts the spirit. It is worth noting, though, that its vibrancy might prove overly stimulating for some individuals when used for extended periods.