Purpurite- A lovely purple stone with a very high yet gentle, calming vibration.  It gently stimulates and opens the crown, but is it is equally if not more so effective in stimulating the seventh or crown layer of the energy field. 

It is very much connected to the Violet Flame and Purple Ray energy which makes it excellent for transmuting any and all negativity in the consciousness.  It is excellent for release and transcendence of old patterns, habits and conditioning that no longer suit you.  It instills great confidence and brings clarity and focus. 

It is particularly good for speaking and acting with freedom and confidence by providing protection from mettling or interfering energies.   It helps one to feel secure and supported as an individual. It is very uplifting from despair and depression and helps to increase spiritual aspirations. It is a stone to help you on your path to enlightenment. 

It has been used to ameliorate bruising, hemorrhaging and different disorders of the blood.  It is also very stabilizing to the pulse. 

*Contact with Purpurite leaves a fine residue which washes off easily with water*