Smoky Quartz - Elestial

Smokey Elestial Quartz It is the “enchanted crystal”, bring concepts of Shiva and the understanding that after transition from one phase of life, the newness will be re-instilled. This crystal allows for the flow of change and actualization. This formation can assist the Third-eye Chakra and increase clairvoyant abilities. It has been used to assist one in overcoming emotional burdens, synchronize the heart and intellect, and to help one look within to find love that is always there. The Elestial carries the inherit memory of what was in existence prior to humanity. It can help provide the connection to both the insite and realization that one can both love and embrace each worldly and other-worldly experience. It can be used to stabilize brain waves and to ameliorate erratic or confused thoughts. Elestial Quartz can be used to stimulate all Chakras and to bring forth information which has been blocked. It can release those blockages and help sustain or maintain one during changes. Assists one in the art of communication and in verbalization of emotions, which helps stimulate the power of personal expression and potential. It has been used in the treatment of epilepsy, schizophrenia, drug- related burnout. It can assist in restoration of emotional and intellectual stability and has been used to diminish vertigo.