Selenite- this mineral is closely related with Satin Spar Gypsum where many people know it more widely as Selenite. Byopening the Crown Chakra selenite brings clarity of mind while accessing angelic consciousness and higher guidance. Expanding one’s awareness of the self and their surroundings. A premier conductor of white light, bringing increased energy flow. Is effective at cleansing the auric field and can clear congested or negativity from ones physical and etheric body. Dispels negative energy and negative entities and helps release judgments.  Aids in visualization and calming during meditation and in daily life. Can be used to access past-lives and future lives and assist one in the materialistic pursuits related to business. Can aid in issues of judgement and provide the necessary insights to promote justice in disputes. It helps bring awareness from unconscious assumptions and promoting the re-connection between the conscious self and your higher self. It helps you find the deeper meaning in situations so you can better understand them. Selenite can be used to provide flexibility to one’s nature and strength to one’s decisions. Selenite can also be used for protection around a home, creating a safe space that does not let outside influences in. It has been used to allow one to see understanding in existing eating disorders and provide information for treatment. It has been used to align the spinal column, promoting flexibility in the muscular structure while removing blockages. This stone can guard against epileptic seizures and bring stability to those with epileptic disorders. It has assisted in the regeneration of the cellular structure and protective membrane linings which surround the cells: treatments include cancer, tumors, deformities in the skeletal system, age spots, wrinkles, and light sensitivity.

Do not put Selenite in water it will dissolve.