Seraphinite Collection

Seraphinite is an essential stone to help you see that which is unseen within yourself. It helps you identify the patterns and self-limiting tendencies that hold you back from true fulfillment. Working with Seraphinite can unlock your awareness, heighten your intuition, and help you connect to and trust both your spirit and consciousness.  

This stone is loving and intuitive and cares very deeply for humanity. It softens the heart and mind, allowing judgmental tendencies to disperse. It helps to create and promote loving boundaries so one may learn balance. If you need assistance in releasing feelings of guilt and/or remorse, Seraphinite can help. It allows one not always feel 'sorry' for everyone else's issues.

This beautiful stone is dark green to black in color. In raw form, its chatoyancy is very pronounced. Polished Seraphinite reveals featherlike, shimmering bands and swirls of green to silver. High in vibration, many people are able to sense the energy that emanates from this stone, which is often felt as a wave of warmth and calm throughout the body and a clearing of the mind. It allows your consciousness to reveal your true wants and needs in life and is a wonderful stone for those ready to embrace opportunity and follow their dreams. This gently transformational stone also helps one find inner balance and can realign the entire chakra system.

Seraphinite is believed to have been named after the Seraphim. This high-ranking class of angels with six wings attend the God of the Bible. The appearance of this stone recalls the shimmer of feathers when light moves across it. The only known source for this stone is the Korshunovskoye Iron deposit in Irkutsk Oblast, Russia.