Quartz- Titanium Aura

Titanium Aura Quartz CollectionTitanium Aura is also known as Flame Aura or Rainbow Aura

This quartz crystal boasts a rainbow flash on a base of deep blue. This crystal is one of the main enhanced aura crystals which has a quartz base and is coated mainly with Titanium. It often includes gold, niobium or other metal oxides. This particular pairing offers intensity that makes it the most assertive of all the aura quartz. Working with this quartz aligns your energy field and calls forth your personal power so that you may assert yourself in new ways. It has an energizing quality that's useful for endurance, renewed zest for life and manifestation.

This mineral calls forth hidden parts of your being that may have been suppressed by life, allowing you to connect with deeper parts of your soul and enacting an increased awareness of your life's journey. This stone also promotes an increased awareness of intuitive abilities through a connection to the unconscious. It's good for inspiring passion, change, drive and commitment towards success. This stone can also stimulate Kundalini, the release of karmic ties, and the ability to read people. It has a strong, protective quality on the psychic level.

In the physical body it's been used for managing water retention, dehydration, regulation of body temperatures, stimulation of the immune system and release of toxins.