Tourmaline- Liddicoatite

Tourmaline - Liddicoatite- It is an uncommon form of tourmaline, which is a very colorful mineral. This stone is said to be the “stone of the mathematician” aiding in solution poised in theoretical mathematics, geometry, trigonometry, and topological space. This promotes the understanding of “time travel” and “no-space” travel, such that the journeys are at one’s leisure and are expedient. It's believed to align mental processes, encourage self-confidence, promote understanding, and provide insight into conflicts. It can bring revelations with opportunities to “experience the self” and see the cause of disorders within ones physical and emotional bodies. It aids in removing blockages that are intertwined in our physical and emotional bodies. It is an excellent stone to further the healing touch, when placed with other crystals it grounds the other energies of the minerals and exhibits true melding.