Although Beth Ann Kennedy no longer accepts clients for crystal healing sessions, individuals can receive the therapeutic benefits of crystal healing and energy work in two ways. 

Crystal Healing Sessions take place in the Denver area unless otherwise offered remotely.

Option 1: Demonstration Session

The first option is to participate as a model for demonstration purposes.* In this setting, you will be able to interact with Beth Ann Kennedy as she performs aspects of a healing session including discussion, energy reading, and the application of crystals on and around the body.

These sessions will be filmed for use on the Pink Heart Healing website as well as on social media. You will be asked to sign a release form prior to the start of the session.

These sessions will take place 1-2 times per month on a lottery basis. We will use a lottery system to choose participants and invite selected persons via email to schedule.

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Option 2: Live Training Session

The second option to work with Beth Ann Kennedy is to volunteer to be part of a Live Stream Class. This option will be similar to the above but will take place in a live classroom setting.

A release form will also be required, and there is a strict change/cancellation policy in place. 

If you have a unique situation within your spiritual, emotional, or physical body, please reach out and share what you are experiencing. Beth Ann remains open to applying her gifts to help those in need, where and when it is possible to do so. Depending on your circumstances, there is an option for sliding scale treatment in an education setting.

Beth performing crystal healing

About Healing Sessions

In addition to the crystal therapies, Beth Ann utilizes the techniques of energy healing, Reiki, shamanism, guided meditation, and intuition. She often trains her clients to take advantage of their own intuition so they may develop a better relationship with themselves. This process may allow people to work with their own soul, guides, or past lives.

A crystal healing session can work with personal development, stress and anxiety, pain management, and long-term wellness. Healing sessions are a form of complementary medicine and should never be substituted for proper medical care.

Due to the nature of these sessions, Pink Heart Healing is unable to change or reschedule appointment times. Please read the complete participation rules before you enter for your chance to participate.

*We do not cover travel expenses for participants.

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