March 23, 2020

Labradorite for Protection and Magic

Labradorite is one of the most popular metaphysical stones and often one of the first that people buy. Its dazzling flashes of color and chatoyancy enchant the eyes and draw in curious onlookers. Shades of violet, peacock blue, gold, green, orange, and coppery red create its treasured “labradorescence” – a remarkable shimmer that emerges when light touches the stone’s surface. Its beauty is a projection of its inner magic, which strengthens the intuitive and mental abilities of those who carry or wear it. 

Labradorite’s accommodating energy is accessible to everyone. It enhances one’s psychic ability, opens the Third Eye, eases communication, and brings in love while establishing a strong protective shield throughout the aura. It is highly valued for its ability to deflect psychic attack and provides a thick layer of protection that penetrates the physical body, mind, and energetic field. This stone is excellent for establishing firm boundaries and preventing the absorption of excess energy, making it an essential tool for empaths.

Labradorite was one of the first stones I purchased and quickly became a necessity in my life. At the time, I worked at a restaurant with a chef who frequently yelled and bullied anyone in his way when he was feeling down, including myself. I needed physical and energetic protection. I read that labradorite could help, but didn’t yet understand the strength of its abilities. I decided to meditate with the stone on my body each time before work, and the result was shocking! The chef would approach me in his usual bad mood, but right before he started to yell, he would turn and find someone else to target. It felt as if a wall were placed between us that he just couldn’t get through. It wasn’t long before I witnessed a complete change in behavior from this negative person toward me. I eventually left the restaurant with a newfound faith in crystals.

Outside of protection, labradorite is the gemstone of magic and consciousness. It grants us access to the Akashic records, past-life recall, clairvoyance, communication with spirit guides, astral travel, and prophecy. Many who practice with labradorite speak of heightened ‘coincidence control,’ or an increased ability to notice synchronicity and serendipity in one’s daily life. It emanates an interdimensional energy that pierces the veil between our waking reality and the many planes of inner awareness. Self-mastery is the name of Labradorite’s game. It offers one the opportunity to embark on a multitude of adventures within the self and establishes a true “magician mindset” of desiring power over oneself rather than over others. Originality and clarity of one’s divine purpose take the center stage when working with this stone, while aspects of familiarity are eliminated in order to sharpen instincts. It brings a deep knowing of the “right time” and enhances patience, calling forth the magic of higher awareness. Carry Labradorite with you to establish uniqueness without judgement of your inner thoughts and patterns.

Take note that labradorite absorbs energy very rapidly and will stop working when it hasn’t been cleared properly. A sure-tell sign that labradorite has done too much is a lack of luster and shine. Be sure to clean Labradorite on a regular basis if you carry or wear it, use it during meditation, or sleep with it by your bed. This stone is an essential for every person’s tool kit. When we align with our Divine purpose, destiny unfolds before us, and Labradorite will lead the way!

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