blue topaz
Blue Topaz - Oval Ring, Size 9
blue topaz
Blue Topaz - Oval Ring, Size 9

Blue Topaz - Oval Ring, Size 9

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TopazWe do not deserve Topaz. This mineral is the stone of true love and success in all endeavors. It is one of the most potent and essential minerals for manifestation. It can bring you exactly what you want. It works with the Laws of attraction, manifestation, and allowing. Its attraction qualities could be defined as magnetic. It works directly with the universe's energies to help bring you what you desire.  

It also helps you to have confidence in your decisions and to pursue what you want with a willingness to act. It can be used to pursue not only physical pursuits or desires but also emotional and spiritual desires as well. Examples can range from purchasing a home, and attracting a lover, to acquiring inner peace or perfect health. It is important to stress that with proper manifestation, there are often steps required to obtain such things entirely, and Topaz will lead you through those steps at any cost.  

Topaz can transcend time and space and open you up to universal energies to help you absorb the expansive energies and raise your consciousness. It also can help replace negativity with joy and doubt with trust, which is essential for manifestation.

It is also a crystal for potency. It brings power to whatever it is applied by connecting with universal energies and helping the user to absorb them.  

Topaz has a very high vibration and can open the crown chakra to the point it might be overwhelming for some people. 

Moonstone - an opalescent variety of Orthoclase and ranges in color from white to peach. It is known for luster and ranges from transparent to semi-translucent.

Moonstone is a stone associated with the divine feminine and the moon's lunar energy. It relates to intuition, subconsciousness, birth, and flow. It is often called “the stone of new beginnings” and provides introspection, receptivity, and understanding of cyclical change. It is calming, relieves emotional tension, and provides emotional intelligence. It is good to calm emotional triggers and helps to inhibit the tendency to overreact to emotional triggers.

It promotes receptivity and passivity and is the antidote to excessive masculinity in both men and women. It is a talisman of good fortune and provides good luck to travelers. It brings forward positive self-expression and creativity, and opens one to serendipity and synchronicity. It promotes self-awareness, removing obstacles in your path, and actualizing the divine self.


Size 9

Roughly 3.2g