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Campo del Cielo, meaning "Field of Heaven" in Spanish, is an otherworldly site nestled in the Gran Chaco region of Argentina. This unique location is famed for the discovery of a vast number of meteorites, believed to have fallen to Earth over 4,000 years ago. The meteorites, composed primarily of iron and nickel, range in size from small fragments to massive masses weighing several tons. Like all tektites, Campo del Cielo contains energy blended from cosmic and earthly realms. It acts as a bridge between the two worlds- helping one anchor in their human journey while also facilitating a deeper connection to the universe. Enhancing your understanding of being the creator of your own reality, it pulls your personal power and endless potential into focus. It helps you transcend the limitations that society has created and encourages you to operate from the highest level of your Being. This can help you truly grasp the concept of freedom and how much control we have over our destiny.

Country of Origin: Argentina