Quartz - Double Terminated, Self-Healed, Natural
Quartz - Double Terminated, Self-Healed, Natural
Quartz - Double Terminated, Self-Healed, Natural
Quartz - Double Terminated, Self-Healed, Natural

Quartz - Double Terminated, Self-Healed, Natural

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Quartz is the mineral par-excellence in crystal healing and is considered by all to be the essential stone in crystal healing.  Quartz is a mineral made of silicon dioxide and is one of the most abundant minerals on earth.  It forms the base for many other minerals and grows in a hexagonal crystalline structure known characteristically for having 6 sides with six faces that grow in a termination.   It has a hardness of seven on the Mohs scale and can be found growing on every continent on Earth.

The energy traits classically associated with quartz are energy amplification, memory, light bearing and programmability. Quartz brings in so much light it is said to connect us with the stars.  It can be used to beam light clear energy, heal wounds and connect us to our higher self.   Quartz can also be programmed to hold an intent, which is useful in just about any situation from healing to manifesting; retaining that program until it is cleared.  Quartz amplifies energy, whether sending or receiving, and it can be used to amplify the energies of other stones.   Different formations and terminations have different characteristics; one can streamline intent by obtaining the correct formation.  Clear quartz can be used for any spiritual pursuit including enhancing psychic abilities, communicating with spirit guides or other beings, channeling, dissolving karma, manifestation, healing, recalling past lives, astral travel and expansion of consciousness just to name a few. 

A Double Terminated Quartz is a crystal which has grown a  termination point on both ends. It has formed freely in the ground, not growing in a matrix or in a cluster. It is unique in this way and it brings the user a sense of independence, uniqueness and the ability to stand on their own. Therefore it is excellent in helping to release co-dependent or needy tendencies and helps you to be more indiviual. It is  is excellent for energetic protection and psychic attack. It can help one to strengthen their energy/auric field and create a stronger shield.  It is most useful in assisting in releasing cords from others and blocking the cord from re-entering . Cords occur as an energetic tie between humans and need to be released daily. Double terminated Quartz are most useful with the strongest and deepest of cords from pervasive energies, when relationships need to end and boundaries need to form.   Great for help from aggressive energies where you can feel them "pulling" on you.

These unique quartz crystals have are double terminated with one of the terminations having a self-healed point.  Self-Healed crystals are par-excellence in the quest for personal growth, expansion and healing.  A self-healed quartz has broken and grown back in a beautiful unique way, and brings that energy with it to the bearer of this stone.  In addition, these stones carry the properties of the double terminated quartz (listed below).  These are a special find and you will receive one similar to what is listed below.

You will receive one similar to the photo.  Pink Heart Healing will select one for you.

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