Moldavite: The Cosmic Messenger

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Moldavite doesn’t play around. 

It will accelerate growth and immediately dissolve limiting beliefs, people, or circumstances that are getting in the way of your evolution.

A stone for the New Age, it helps you access high dimensional energies and consciousness.

If you aren’t willing to accept and be open to all of the necessary changes that have to take place to get to where you are meant to be, Moldavite will drag you kicking and screaming.

So no, it’s not going to ruin your life, but if you aren’t committed to doing whatever it takes, like facing a big move or shedding outdated religious beliefs, you should leave this stone for a different time in your life.

Extraterrestrial Origin

Moldavite is a natural glass formed from the impact of a meteorite in Southeastern Germany nearly 15 billion years ago.

Given its limited supply, it will one day be extinct, which has caused the demand for this tektite to skyrocket.

It is believed that its purpose for coming to Earth is to raise collective human consciousness.

Moldavite was quite literally formed from a fusion of the stars and Mother Earth and holds an extremely high vibrational energy.

As a creation that traveled through space and time to reach us, it is representative of a talisman, bringing good fortune.

It also helps with time exploration, allowing you to transcend time and travel between the past and present as needed.

This isn’t to relive experiences but to remember the wisdom you need to carry out your current life and allow you to watch potential future outcomes unfold.

Moldavite has very grounding energy for those who are easily caught up in the mundane routine of life.

If you feel disconnected from your incarnation here on Earth, it will help to ease the homesickness and understand your purpose for being here.

Ethereal Catalyst

Moldavite always brings forward the unexpected and unconventional solution.

It teaches us that you can't get to new levels of consciousness and understanding if you stay in the same reality you are currently living in.

Unconscious programs are not able to function anymore with Moldavite present.

Instead of running on autopilot, you're forced to become a conscious creator of your own reality.

It grants you access into realms unseen and unlocks parts of your perspective that you haven't been able to utilize.

You'll also find that you aren't as attached to earthly issues anymore, such as loss and money.

It gives you the positive equivalent of drunken courage: the ability to overcome fear, speak your mind, and connect with others on a deeper level.

Using Moldavite

As with any new crystal you add to your collection, it's best to cleanse it of any energies it has picked up and attune it to your energy.

Moldavite's energy varies from person to person, but many claim that they immediately feel a rush of heat surging from their hands and the top of their head.

Others feel it in different areas of their body and experience intense laughter or tears. Some will even feel grounded in its presence.

However it shows up for you, take note of how you feel when you interact with its energy.

If the energy is too much, take a step back.

You can ease into how often you work with it and pair it with grounding stones, such as Smoky Quartz or Black Tourmaline, to help balance the energies.

Any crystal you decide to pair it with will be intensified by the energies of Moldavite.

After getting used to your Moldavite, it is strongly encouraged to wear it as jewelry to receive the constant energy and to avoid wearing it during sleep.

It can also be used as a diagnostic tool.

Instead of healing symptoms, it focuses on bringing the original cause of dis-ease to light and speeds up cellular healing and regeneration.

The immediate and intense energy can shock users, especially if they haven’t undergone significant change or used other transformational stones with less energy.

However, through this instant energy, Moldavite does its best work.

Be patient, zoom out, and give yourself time to adjust.

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