The Soothing Energy of Amazonite

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Named after the breathtaking colors and energy of the Amazon rainforest, Amazonite radiates healing throughout the Heart and Throat chakras to call in our purest truths. 

Its mystical and watery nature elicits the feeling of relief and cleansing you feel after a powerful cry and opens the door to clarity, hope, and understanding.

A stone connected to the sign of Virgo, it helps to make sense out of scrambled thoughts and set appropriate boundaries. 

It is creative, sensual, and a cultivator of originality and uniqueness. 

This crystal is also known as a talisman of fortune and good luck, bringing in manifestations from a healthy, confident space. 

Legend Has It

The Ancient Egyptians recognized the beauty and power of this stone by using it in jewelry, amulets and burying it inside King Tut's tomb for protection.

They believed in its ability to protect and shield the users from negative and evil energies. 

The 27th chapter of the Book of the Dead was even carved into tablets of Amazonite.

The Greeks also used this stone for jewelry and associated its properties with Athena, the goodness of war and wisdom. 

It has been used in many other cultures throughout the years and is most commonly noted for its ability to "banish evil," which explains its relevance to anxiety and panic attack healing in modern times.

Poetic Release 

This crystal's energy resembles a cabin in the woods illuminated by candlelight. 

Healing the heart and opening the throat, a poetic, romantic energy is able to overcome the user and allow their truest desires to come forward. 

Manifestation is only possible when we are clear about what our heart wants, and Amazonite removes blockages to create the space for our manifestations to truly form. 

This is why this stone is also so heavily associated with 'luck' and good fortune. 

You'll find that it's extremely easy to manifest when you are able to feel clear and intentional about what you wish to create and call in. 

This is a wonderful crystal to use after a panic attack to help soothe the heart and begin forward movement or to use when you're in a creative rut.

The sincere energy helps you to take the next steps even when you aren't clear on what direction to go and need a push to get moving. 

The Bridge

The Heart chakra is commonly known as the mediator between the upper and lower chakras. 

The link between the physical and spiritual. 

Amazonite connects these two areas, helping to filter information between intuition and intellect.

It breaks down communication blocks by establishing an understanding that no one will ever be able to communicate with one another perfectly.

Everyone is their own individual with experiences that have shaped their unique perspective, and our differences are what help us evolve as human beings.  

Amazonite is also a bridge in dimensional travel and can help you when traveling between different dimensions. 

For those who may not fully understand the concept of dimensional travel, think about it in terms of yourself. 

Each part of you is a different dimension- your thoughts, feelings, intuition, unconscious, and higher self.  

There are also dimensions outside the self, such as the astral plane, other worlds, and higher and lower frequencies. 

Using Amazonite intentionally can show you how to get around different dimensions safely and bring back the wisdom you need in this reality.

Most dimensional travel happens during sleep or meditation, but even changing brain wave states while awake is a form of dimensional travel.

It is a good stone for beginning to experience different dimensions if you haven't before, as it is a translator and can help you comprehend what you are experiencing. 

Quantum physics isn't easy to translate into conscious understanding, but Amazonite helps with this process.

Don't try to rush it's mastery.  

Amazonite operates best when it's given time to reveal all of its secrets. 


It is also good for overall health and wellness. Amazonite is said to help balance thyroid issues and heal calcium deficiency. Its soothing effects help to provide healing energy to the nervous system.

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