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Chrysocolla Collection Soothe your Energy Field

Sometimes we just need a friend to tell us that everything will be okay. We need the reassurance that someone cares and that we have support. Chrysocolla is a mineral that comforts you when you are most in need. When you work with this stone, it becomes your best friend– whether you are conscious of it or not. Chrysocolla is an excellent stone to help soothe the energy field and restore balance within the body!

Open the Heart and Calm the Mind

Chrysocolla is known for its peaceful, tranquil energy. Working with this stone can ease heartache and help you find the capacity to love again. In addition, it is a great stone for meditation, inducing a calm mind and balancing the energy centers.

Releasing Negativity with Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla draws out negativity and feelings like guilt and fear. It can help release negative programming and a poor self-image you may have developed earlier in life. It can even reach back to other lifetimes for unknown negative imprints that may still be lingering. In this way, it is very nurturing and healing for the soul.

Chrysocolla Collection

A Stone of Communication

This blue-green stone is excellent for communication and developing energies associated with the throat– speaking your truth and using your voice. It helps to open and strengthen the throat to become an empowered and reliable part of the being. Chrysocolla is very connected to other energy centers and can assist in better communicating what is happening throughout the system. This is a vital skill when learning about the Self. It also helps with communication control, knowing when to speak and when to stay silent.

De-programing Anxiety

When used with intention, Chrysocolla can help the system adapt and be calm. It is wonderful to help soothe the energy field. The ability to be in a relaxed state is not innate for all. If you grew up with trauma and abuse, your system, particularly your nervous system, may have remained in an anxious state in preparation for fight or flight. As a result, you may struggle with consistent, low-key anxiety and tension. When you introduce Chrysocolla to your energy field, it begins to de-program stress and tension. Over time, working with it allows you to accept tranquility as a safe and normal state of being.

A Stone for Developing Balance and Harmony

Chrysocolla can help you develop dimension and self-reflection. It can assist with greater self-control and pause in between trigger and reaction. In this way, it is helpful to develop impulse control. This type of energy leads to a more balanced life and a general feeling of harmony within. It can help develop patience and tolerance, keeping a kind heart when needed most. Chrysocolla provides support under extreme stress and even promotes physical vitality.

Strength During Difficult Times

If you have been seeking a gateway to greater inner strength, Chrysocolla may be the stone for you. It supports the development of endurance, especially with extremely difficult situations that last longer than expected. Having Chrysocolla near may keep you sane during tough times and also helps you understand why your soul is having the experience. One example that comes to mind is refugees and migrants fleeing their homes for a better life. While it might not be possible for a person to carry a stone in this situation, you can place a small piece of Chrysocolla with a photo of a loved one going through hardship.

It is also beneficial for those in abusive situations who feel trapped and are waiting for a clear exit. If you dealing with an illness caretaking for a loved one, Chrysocolla can provide extra support.

Stimulate Psychic Abilities with Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla carries creative energies that can conjure visions. It has been used on vision quests when seeking answers for long-term solutions. As a healer’s mineral, it stimulates psychic abilities and visions when placed at the third eye. It can help develop clairsentience and help you to attune to the subtle energies of psychic empathic information. This type of energetic articulation is a form of mastery when developing psychic skills. This means sensing very subtle energies and then articulating what you feel. Chrysocolla brings loving-kindness to this action and does not take this ability for granted by injecting ego.

Chrysocolla invokes the goddess and can be used in ceremony to honor her and channel the Divine Feminine.

When used to support physical wellness, this stone can help heal inflammation of the joints and arthritis.

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