All Things Patience with Chrysocolla

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Chrysocolla is an exquisite member of the copper family. It is present abundantly throughout metaphysical healing. It presents itself in shades of bright green, seafoam, and deep blue, with occasional brown or black. You can find Chrysocolla in many forms. It can be tumbled or polished, in jewelry, or on a Matrix – a formation of larger crystals embedded within finer-grained material.

Using Chrysocolla in Metaphysical Work

Chrysocolla is used in many types of metaphysical work. At the throat chakra, this stone promotes balance and strength within one’s outward expression. While it can initiate confidence to speak freely, it also helps discern silence if it is more beneficial. Chrysocolla stokes the heart chakra as well, allowing one to develop compassion and understanding for the behaviors of others.

You can use this crystal during meditation to cultivate inner peace. It promotes stable, balanced energy within your environment, among many other things.

Cultivating Patience with Chrysocolla

One aspect I want to highlight the most is Chrysocolla’s ability to work with patience. Some people are born with the patience of a saint. Most of us, however, are given lessons to cultivate patience throughout the entirety of our lives.

When we talk about developing patience, we are talking about several circumstances. For example, patience with others and where they are in life or patience for ourselves. Another important one is to have patience regarding divine timing, understanding that a higher-order exists, aligning things for you at the right time.

No matter where you need to cultivate patience, Chrysocolla is the stone for you. If you experience persistent fear and feel untrusting or uncertain, working with this crystal will help you progress in the wisdom of synchronicity. Chrysocolla can give you a true understanding of the unknown and trust that a larger wheel is turning. It can show you that you are exactly where you need to be in life.

Chrysocolla teaches us to sacrifice control and attachment to things in exchange for higher wisdom and the ability to see beauty in the uncertain.

Bring Peace and Understanding to Your Life

It will help you soften that inner tone that allows for mistakes and growth in your life. You can’t be so hard on yourself when you are learning your lessons, which will eventually lead to a deep understanding. Chrysocolla will bring you this wisdom.

If you’re working through patience with other people, this can be really difficult. A good example of this is seeing family or friends that do not reach their full potential or stuck in a habit or relationship they need to leave. Instead of turning to frustration and anger, Chrysocolla will help you cultivate the wisdom to let go, allow others to be where they are, and recognize it is not your responsibility.

Chrysocolla is a wonderful, all-encompassing stone of patience. You can sleep with it, carry or wear it, use it in a grid, or on the body of a client in your healing practice.

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