How to Connect to Universal Consciousness with Lemurian Quartz

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Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian Quartz, or the Lemurian Seed Crystal, is a legendary stone essential for any crystal healer’s collection. This stone connects to the vibration of the planet, universal consciousness, and records that tie us to ancient civilizations. This crystal variety is one of my favorites.

It was actually one of the first crystals I purchased when I started my personal journey. Before ever holding one, a Lemurian came to me in a dream. The crystal had had a defined termination, with an incredible amount of light coming off it. I picked it up and received the message that I needed it. Two days later, in what was a purely divine coincidence, I found it in a small crystal shop by the Serpent Mound in central Ohio. Without any doubt, working with this crystal helped me to become the healer I am today.  

What is a Lemurian Quartz, and Why is it Special?

A Lemurian Quartz is a unique formation of Quartz, held in very high regard in the crystal healing world. If you are a crystal-lover, a healer, or a collector, you have probably seen this term before. These stones have a fascinating origin story, connecting our modern age to the ancient past. These stones carry tremendous light and are highly programmable.

The energy of the Lemurian Quartz is about unity and equality. These stones provide a multidimensional and universal connection between us all. Working with a Lemurian, you begin to understand that we are just a tiny part of a universal consciousness. We are but energy beings, having a physical experience.

Lemurian Quartz

The Discovery of Lemurian Quartz

The first Lemurian Crystals were discovered in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, an area mined for Quartz crystals. According to the story, these Lemurians were found on a hill, placed on the surface of the earth. They were completely independent of any matrix. Furthermore, these stones were in a different formation than any Quartz crystals in the area. Some even had a red-pink hue.

The Lemurians were given to the renowned crystal author and channeler Katrina Raphaell. 

In 2000, she organized a group to meditate with six Lemurian crystals in Kauai. The group channeled that these crystals were planted in the earth during the last days of the Lemurian civilization.

The Lemurian Civilization

Lemuria was a very ancient, advanced society that predated Atlantis. It existed on the continent MU, which sank into the ocean in a seismic event. Some of the Lemurians may have escaped the tragedy, founding what would become Atlantis.

The Lemurians were very spiritually advanced. They understood healing techniques and how to program them into the stones. With healing energy programmed into these singular crystals, they “seeded” them across the earth. These grew new crystals that contained their advanced healing knowledge. Lemurian Quartz connects users with the ascended Lumerian beings.  

The original publication with the group’s channellings is available on the internet. I recommend going to read them if you want to know more. 

Lumerian Quartz

Crystals that Connect to Planetary Energy

Lemurian crystals connect to all similar crystals on the planet. It creates a synchronization with the earth itself, creating a greater dimension in your consciousness. Working with these crystals, you begin to realize that the truth of humanity differs from the stories. There is a consciousness far beyond what humans can perceive. It becomes clear that the binding force of the universe is love. Working from love, we can evolve more profoundly than would ever be possible otherwise. 

Lemurian Quartz helps you understand energy, how energy works. It also shows you the relationship between Quartz and the human energy field. This is particularly important for energy healers and those working on self-healing through the mind.  

How to Identify a Lemurian Quartz Crystal

Identifying different Quartz varieties and formations is a skill within itself, with physical, atomic, and geographic considerations. While I can’t teach all of that here, I can provide a few basics to help identify Lemurian Quartz.

Crystal points commonly have six sides. However, the upper portion of a Lemurian has three sides while the base has six. In addition, the sides feature pronounced horizontal ridges. These lines are vital– they connect you to the Lemurian energy.   

The faces of Lemurian crystals are relatively small. Viewing the crystal head-on, the shape is generally triangular.

From a geology standpoint, a Lemurian technically grows in a shape or “habit” called the Muzo habit. This becomes very complex quickly, but you can find more information here.

The Shared Energy and Vibration of Lemurian Quartz

The Diamantina area of Minas Gerais, Brazil, is a source for incredible Quartz. The Lemurian crystals originally found here are still mined in this area, though the original ‘Seed’ crystals are long gone. For the most part, you can only find them in private collections.

In crystal healing, the name Lemurian refers to any crystal that meets the definition of shape and not necessarily the location of origin. These crystals grow worldwide. They carry the same vibration and connect to the same energy as the original Seed crystals. Some suggest that these grow on specific ley lines that connect around the planet.   

Columbian Lemurians from the Muzo Emerald Mine in Columbia is a good example. These were the first crystals recorded to have this Lemurian shape, identified in the 1960s. These stones are excellent for channeling and are much clearer than their Brazilian counterparts. This specific formation is within the family of Columbian Plasma quartz.

How to Access Etheric Information with Lemurian Quartz

Lemurians contain Akashic records, accessible through the etheric information programmed into the stone. These stones can also open a portal from a higher plane of existence, allowing information to flow into this realm.

The simplest way to work with Lemurian Quartz is through meditation. While laying down, simply place the crystal on your Third-Eye to access information. Another way is to rub your finger or fingernail down along the side ridges of the crystal during meditation until you connect with the records.  

Lemurians are also wonderful in crystal healing work. Healers who use Lemurians can access techniques directly from the stones themselves. If you would like to learn healing techniques, you can train under a professional healer. Pink Heart Healing will offer more courses specific to Lemurian and Quartz crystals in the near future. Please stay tuned!

In summary, Lemurian crystals are truly magical beings. If you want to bring more light into your life, this is a great stone for you. Connect with multidimensional, universal energy. Understand how coming from a place of love can transform you. Learn from Lumerians!

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