Morganite: A Loving Stone for Healing the Planet

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Morganite Healing Stones

Morganite’s energy is like a loving, comforting hug. If you want to find your higher calling through your heart, this is a stone for you. The gentle and loving properties of Morganite make this stone a powerhouse of tender transformation. A heart-opening stone to heal the planet.

Morganite is a stone of reawakening and can resolve immobile areas of the energy field. It embodies the philosophy that what you seek is seeking you. 


Connect to Your Higher Purpose with Morganite

People cannot live to their fullest potential while feeling disempowered or out of touch with themselves. We are not meant to stay in this place. We are meant to shine brightly. Our higher purpose is to live connected to our soul’s path and to form meaningful relationships with each other. This is Morganite. 

This stone is a member of the Beryl family and ranges from pink to peach in color, and can be clear to milky. A predominant energetic property central to the Beryl family is alignment. Morganite is exceptional at aligning by working through the heart. In this sense, it is a powerful healer capable of gentle transformation. 

Morganite Crystal


How to Use Morganite for Healing and Spiritual Development

During meditation, Morganite can connect you with your spirit guides. It puts you on a path of spiritual advancement. It does a lot of heart healing by activating, cleansing, and opening the heart. In addition, Morganite stimulates the heart by attracting love into your life in all forms. It teaches you to approach the world from a loving place, where you are connected to your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is where you are in spiritual alignment. Morganite shows you to ride with the flow of life instead of against it. It can help you see what does and does not serve you.

With the help of Morganite, you can become more nimble to move around the obstacles in your life. Perhaps, you may begin to see blocks before they even appear. This stone can also assist you in recognizing those who are draining your spiritual energy. Finally, build confidence and trust your intuition to make radical decisions.

A Stone to Heal the Planet

Morganite’s high vibration energy helps you connect to love and have patience for humanity. It has the power to alter your worldview and opens your mind and heart to loving strangers, neighbors, and family alike. Morganite reminds us to respect life in all forms and creates acceptance in our hearts for all races, genders, and religions.

Gentle and loving Morganite guides us towards becoming more compassionate souls and releases the tension, anxiety, and rage associated with our Lower Selves. In this way, it is a stone for healing the planet.


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