Experience a Refreshing Shift This Libra Season

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We can all take a deep breath because Venus and Mercury Retrograde are finally behind us!!🍾

Keep in mind that all retrogrades have a shadow period where the messy energy is still lingering in the air.

If you find yourself experiencing a few bumps in the road that feel Mercurian, just ride it out.  

On September 30th, Mercury completely leaves its shadow and business resumes as usual.

On Friday, September 22nd, the sun slips into the Venus-ruled sign of Libra on the same day as the Fall Equinox. 🍂

The Fall Equinox marks the official transition from summer to fall in the Northern Hemisphere and is the halfway point of the astrological new year.

During the Equinox, we experience an equal balance of light and dark, symbolizing the duality that exists within nature. ⚖️

This is a day of harvesting all that has grown since the Spring Equinox on March 20th, which was the first day of the astrological new year.

Take the day to appreciate all that you’ve cultivated and just allow yourself to be as you are.

Sit in nature, meditate, or cultivate a gratitude list to celebrate. 🪴

You’ve come a long way and deserve to press pause on the forward movement and revel in all that you’ve acquired and accomplished. 🪩

 Energy Shifts

​​Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by the scales, representing balance, harmony, and justice. 

Ruled by Venus, Libra radiates romantic, social energy and is defined heavily by relationships. 🌹

It is also a cardinal air sign, meaning that it initiates the creation of energy and it is often in the form of communication.

Libra is the friend who consistently throws glamorous dinner parties and fiercely protects the ones they love. 

It’s dressing to the nines to run to the grocery store and being the social butterfly of every situation. 🛍️

It’s the mediator, the person who has a strong awareness of others and how they are feeling on both sides. 

Libra seeks to find harmony within different perspectives and move beyond the limitations of the self.

While it is not the only contributor, Libra emphasizes that others can play a healthy role in the development of our identity.

To be alive is to be in relationship with one another, ourselves, and the world around us.

Libra is the mirror- through others, we are able to see ourselves more clearly. 🪞

While Aries, its opposite, thrives off of independence, you can only expand so far going through life alone.

It’s through the combination of Libra and Aries energy, the self and the other, that we are able to fully experience all that life has to offer. 

In its highest expression, Libra is the leader. The diplomat. The advocate. ♟️

Corresponding to the Justice and the Lovers tarot, it seeks harmony in all types of relationships. 

Upcoming Transits

We have a full supermoon in Aries, Libra’s opposing sign, on September 29th, which can be used to tap into the self-confidence that Libra can sometimes lack.

When unbalanced, Libra can tend to fall into codependency and attach themselves to others' opinions and expectations. 

People-pleasing is an easy trap to fall into when you’re so focused on others and relationship connections.

Bringing in the assertive, self-sufficient energy of Aries helps to balance out those tendencies and establish greater harmony. 🔥

This moon is here to remind us that we cannot pour from an empty cup. 

If we do not have a foundation for taking care of ourselves or have a strong sense of identity, we will be unable to tap into the full energy of Libra and connect with others. 

Wherever Libra falls in your chart, and everyone experiences the expression of each zodiac in some way, look to the house that Libra occupies in your chart and any planetary bodies to see where you could benefit from the Aries energy. 

Regardless, you can apply this energy to any area of your life that needs an Aries boost.

This moon is also more potent because the nodes, where eclipses occur, are currently residing in these two signs. 

Collectively, until 2025, we will be experiencing eclipses in Aries and Libra and will have an entire story playing out in the houses where they lie.

Venus moves out of Leo and into Virgo on October 8th and we finally wrap up the summer love story we’ve been experiencing since June. ❤️‍🔥

This is the same sign Venus went retrograde in, so we will feel a swift, clean shift of fresh energy as it enters Virgo and it will help us organize and implement all that we learned.

Mercury then enters Libra on October 10th and we move out of Virgo. 

This will add a dash of flirtatious and fun energy to our communication style and will be a refreshing shift from the past few months spent in the analytical sign of Virgo. 

Pluto also stations retrograde on October 10th in Capricorn as it prepares to wrap up its final stage in this sign before it shifts into Aquarius in 2024.

This energy is felt over an extended period of time, but it offers massive transformation. 

Tie up loose ends in the area of influence in your chart because it won’t be back in the specific house during your lifetime. 

October 11th, Mars moves out of Libra and into the intense sign of Scorpio. 💧

Libra is Mars's detriment, meaning that it experiences the most challenges in this sign. 

This is because Mars is ruled by Aries and motivated by all of the qualities that the sign embodies. 

Mars in Aries approaches challenges with an equipped fight while Libra wants to wave the white flag and make peace.

Shifting this energy into Scorpio will relieve some of the tension we may have felt around confrontation and taking action. 

With Mars in Scorpio, expect to feel more driven to express your emotions and an extreme increase in your passion to chase after your deepest desires. 

Then, Eclipse Season begins on October 14th with a Solar New Moon Eclipse in Libra. 🌚

This is a south node eclipse, and the south node is a place of release, letting go, and purging. 

It is going to call us to release any relationship patterns that are no longer serving us and to look at anyways in which our balance is being disrupted.

This is a perfect time to release any habits or patterns that were illuminated during the Venus retrograde that we no longer want in our reality. 

It is also happening near Chiron, where our deepest emotional and spiritual wounds lie, and will be conjunct Pluto, so grab your emotional support items and get cozy because you’re going to want to feel everything that comes up during this time. 🧸

Each Eclipse season is a chapter within a larger story, and the stories begin when the nodes change signs. 

We experienced the very first chapter of this story on May 5th, 2023 with a solar eclipse in Aries. 

There will be a more in-depth blog explaining the depths of eclipse season as we get closer to the date.

We will end Libra season on a fabulous note as Venus trines Jupiter on October 21st.

Call in creativity! Expect abundance flowing in! Decorate your home or set up a first date! 💐

Use this playful energy to your advantage and watch how your day unfolds. 

On October 23rd we say goodbye to Libra and welcome in the energy of the passionate water sign of Scorpio.

Crystals for Libra Season

Passion-provoking stones such as Carnelian and Red Tiger's Eye are perfect companions for Libra season. Use them to light up your courage, go after your desires, and protect yourself from anyone who might take advantage of your kindness.

Use Rose Quartz to call in self-love and make sure that you are secure in your identity.
Lapis Lazuli will help keep people-pleasing at bay by opening up your wisdom and perspective. It will show you that your experience is the only one that matters.


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