The Gentle Depths of Pink Chalcedony

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Pink Chalcedony has a soft, gentle whisper that quiets your inner voices. 

Instead of explaining or using rational understanding, the subtle whisper is enough to drop your awareness into your heart, halting self-criticism and shameful thinking. 

Ruled by Taurus and Libra, this elegant stone also invites you to view the world from another's perspective without sacrificing your own well-being.

It challenges you to open your eyes to the broad spectrum of humanity and eliminate black-and-white thinking. 

Pink Chalcedony encourages you to see the immense power in love rather than viewing it as a weakness.

When faced with hostility, this stone dissipates aggressive energy and replenishes the energy field, ensuring that it does not get absorbed by others.

A Creator's Companion

Everyone is an artist by their own definition and has fallen victim to a perfectionism loop.

Our inner critic is eager to postpone putting our creations out in the world by filling our thoughts with the obsessive need to keep editing and revising.  

Pink Chalcedony gives our inner artist the courage to hit submit and trust that it is okay to move forward.

Especially when we are beginners, it's important to allow ourselves to detach and learn from our creations as we go. 

This stone gives you the ability to acknowledge that we are here to learn, grow, and evolve from trial and error. 

We often view mistakes as bad and label failure as something to avoid, but it's our greatest "failures" that launch us in the direction we want to go and allow us to clearly understand our desires.

Pink Chalcedony helps you understand that there isn't anything at the top other than the peak.

The journey- the ebb and flow of creativity- is the entire point of living.

 Crack Open Your Humanity

For those who struggle with empathy, it helps you to see the humanity in others and understand that we are all walking a different path. 

What you might initially think about others is often different from reality, and this stone helps you walk in the other person's shoes. 

It brings us closer to each other by removing judgment and inspiring a mutual understanding of one another. 

It also helps you feel more comfortable expressing yourself and your own story about what makes you human. 

Pink Chalcedony fosters deep connection without the fear that someone else's energy will consume you. 

Crystal Alignment Meditation

It can be challenging for empaths and those who feel intensely to understand that although we are one with the universe, we are individual beings while we are in this form. 

Pink Chalcedony helps us process that we are all connected, but it is still our responsibility to live as our own.

Set the Scene: 

Read through to get an idea of the practice, turn your device off, and commit to the meditation. 

All you'll need for this meditation is a candle, a lighter, and your stone.  

Preferably, you'll want a quiet, low-lit space, gentle meditation music, and a comfortable sitting location for about 10-15 minutes.


1. Begin by lighting your candle and placing it in front of you around eye level. 

2. Hold the Pink Chalcedony on or near your heart.

3. Close your eyes and take as many deep breaths as you need to get centered into the present moment and become aware of the energy in your environment. 

4. Open your eyes.

5. Focus on the flame and begin to see the unity between you and the element for a few minutes.

6. Then, draw your attention to the space between you and the flame. 

Notice the space around you. 

Notice the space around the flame. 

Notice the space that exists between you and the flame. 

7. Take note of how you feel and any emotions that arise.


This exercise is intended to draw your awareness to the wholeness and individuality that exists simultaneously within everything. 

While we are here, we are individually responsible for our own reality, thoughts, actions, and behaviors. 

No matter how intuitively connected we may feel towards others, it is not our job to change or fix any other being. 

This takes away from our freedom to live as our own, something we chose to do when we came into this reality. 

Hopefully, meditation with Pink Chalcedony has brought this level of awareness and understanding into your perspective. 


Not only does Pink Chalcedony aid in healing the heart and boosting the immune system, but it is also renowned for its ability to improve breast health in both men and women, as well as promoting lactation for nursing mothers.

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